Working Towards Your Well-Being

More than 20 years

Our multidisciplinary team offers services in physiotherapy, massage therapy, dry needling, orthopaedics and sports medicine.

On the Cutting Edge

Our continuing training allows us to provide you with the most advanced treatments.

Our Engagement

Our passionate professionals offer you a personalized service focused on your well-being.

Optimal Recovery

Our expertise allows you to get back to your daily activities or sports quickly.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“I suffered the worst injury of my life in 2011, with a herniated disc in my neck. I never believed in returning to an Olympic level of performance. My friend and physiotherapist, Carol R. Gilbert, had the tools and dedication to help me resolve my condition. Now, by knowing how to manage my injury, I am preparing to compete in my 7th Olympic Games in 2022. Physio Sports Santé is guiding me to victory.”

Jasey-Jay Anderson

Jasey-Jay Anderson

Olympic Gold Medalist

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